Roads of Rome on Google Play for Android Devices


1024x768_RoR3_GPlay_screens1Roads of Rome is a truly legendary series of games. Its installments have topped the charts of all casual gaming sites for months and won numerous awards from players and critics alike. Today Realore announces the release of Roads of Rome 3 on Google Play.

As in the previous games you play role of General Victorius. Your mission is to control a squad of workers who must collect resources, construct various structures and build the famous Roman roads. The game can be enjoyed in 4 difficulty modes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned resource-management veteran or a casual player who just wants to enjoy the ride. Roads of Rome 3 will make you feel like a leader of a group of explorers on an exciting mission to bring peace to the Great Empire! Download Roads of Rome 3 on for you Android device today!


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