New Report: iPhone 5S Rumor Says Launch Expected September 6

Evolution of the iPhone -

Evolution of the iPhone -

Evolution of the iPhone –

The web is buzzing with the latest rumor about Apple’s iPhone 5s. Several sites and blogs are reporting that a German blog received info about the iPhone 5S from a credible source. They were told that the next generation of the iPhone 5, the 5S, and a lower cost version of the phone are expected to release on Friday, September 6, 2013. They’re also suggesting that Apple will announce the phone (s) sometime in August.

The translated message in German is as follows: ” The next-generation iPhone will be according to our information on 6 September come on the market. In addition to that day, “two new types of devices” to be available – and thus are not two different color variations or memory meant. This information can reach us from a very credible and serious source.”

Other sources are now predicting the announcement to come in mid-September with a lunch in late September (20-27th timeframe). It will be interesting to see which source is the closest to the truth.

When do you think the launch will be? AND, would you be interested in upgrading your phone to the new iPhone 5S?

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