Google MAPS Now on iTunes! Hooray for iPhone Users!

Google Maps for iPhone -

Google Maps for iPhone -

Google Maps for iPhone –

Google recently made many iPhone users very happy. When the iPhone 5 was launched and it did not include the popular Google Map app, there were many upset users. Now after months of requests from iPhone users around the globe, Google has rolled out Google Maps on the Apple App Store! This is a major victory for iPhone fans and Google seems very pleased with it as well. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The app is designed to combine the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Google Maps with the the iOS interface. It has a sharp image with a vector-based map in  a 2D and 3D rotating view. But most importantly, this new app loads quickly and provides smooth titling to find the location you’re searching for right away.

Over the past several months the Apps Gadgets ETC staff has surveyed dozens of people about the iPhone 5 and their biggest hang up was the missing Google Maps. Now all of those people can breathe a nice big sigh of relief. Your wish has now been granted. Thank you Google for stepping up to the plate!

If you’re a big fan of Google Maps, tell us what you like most about it by posting your response right here. Enjoy!


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