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Moto Racer -

Moto Racer -

Moto Racer –

French publisher Anuman Interactive announces the new online version of “Moto Racer” (3.0) on iOS along with its release on Android. Users who already own the game will be able to get it for free.   

The new version includes numerous new features and upgrades to satisfy the players’ expectations.
Up to 8 contestants – only 3 were available in the previous version – can now face each other. More realistic behaviors, almost like real pilots, imply tougher opponents! For a harder challenge, the contestants’ level now adapts to the player’s so that each race is an every moment battle. Contestants won’t be very far behind! 

During the race, all major information is available in the blink of an eye,without having to look away from the track. A GPS has been added, which brings more comfort to the game, allowing the player to anticipate better the turns and to know the opponents’ position.

The interface has been revised for a more intuitive browsing in the menus and for a quicker access to the various game modes. The player can also launch a quick game directly from the main menu.Just like in its first version, “Moto Racer: 15th Anniversary” released in 2012, the game includes three main disciplines of this two-wheel sport:

  • Moto GP where it is all about speed in more than 180 miles per hour competitions
  • Super Cross where pilots must have a perfect control of the bumps on the muddy tracks
  • Freestyle where players must perform acrobatic figures with their motorbike to get as many points as possible

For each discipline, players can choose to begin a championship, play a quick game or try to beat the track’s record. Each of those modes includes 3 levels of difficulty.

Our will was to come up with a more captivating game and to polish the gameplay, so that players can focus on the race. The steering system and the commands have been reworked, leading to a much more precise control with the gyroscope. Now, players no longer need to keep accelerating, the motorbike handles the speed automatically. Therefore, they can focus on the newtracks to use the turbo at the most appropriate moment and to get thebest sensations of speed. Those upgrades apply for all game modes”,explains Romain Gobert, “Moto Racer” Project Manager.

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