Developers Of Groundbreaking ‘Seadelphica’ Unveils Exclusive Audio Track Sneak-Peak!

seadelphicaDevelopers Of Groundbreaking ‘Seadelphica’ Unveils Exclusive Audio Track Sneak-Peak!

The developers behind ‘Seadelphica’, a highly unusual mobile game currently in development and a crowdfunding project on KickStarter™, is proud to announce the unveiling of part of the games impressive audio tracks by sharing snippets of music via their first public update. Featuring ‘Jengu’ the black dolphin, players are challenged in the game to discover cosmic love and to reprogram the universe. Targeted at iOS®, Android™, and Windows Phone™ technologies, ‘Seadelphica’ is not your typical story-driven runner, but rather a unique and innovative mobile game, in which the spiritual and physical development of ‘Jengu’ is the key to success. The audio tracks unveiled today via the games crowdfunding page is an appetizer to the end-of-level boss fights! The finished game will feature no less than 8 challenging bosses, each varying in difficulty and complexity, and ‘Jengu’ has to fight his inner demons and fears to leave the place of battle spiritually balanced. Through the games impressive audio track the developers aim to transmit the feeling of the higher spiritual tension with the mystics of trance merged with the feeling of experience of genuine reality… Check out the audio preview from here:

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