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New Timeline Changes to Your Facebook Page

If you’ve been to your Facebook page recently you’ll notice some popup boxes alerting you to new changes. The first one is your personal

WIN Exclusive iPhone Game Code Contest – Night Whisper Lane PRO App

Enter for a chance to win one of 12 new exclusive iPhone game codes to EPX Games’ Night Whisper Lane Pro app from iTunes.

Gangam Style Psy YouTube Video Hits 1 Billion Views!

After months of going viral, news interviews, TV appearances, radio plays and downloads, concerts and more, Psy’s Gangnam Style music video on YouTube has


We recently stumbled upon some funny and entertaining Google Easter eggs that we’d like to share with everyone. Check these out and let us

Google Maps hits Number One on Apple’s Free iPhone Apps List

The power of Google Maps is amazing! How amazing? Get this: The senior VP of Google’s Commerce and Local, Jeff Huber, posted on Google

Apps Gadgets ETC Expands Coverage into Gaming, Social Media and More!

Over the past year, Apps Gadgets ETC has been covering primarily phone apps, smartphones, tablets and accessories. After thousands of requests have poured into