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Apple Live News for Apple Watch, MacBook and More

The Apple News Conference on 03.09.15 provided techies and Apple fans loads of information to drool over. Here are the bullet points from Apple’s

Apple Promotes iPad for Mother’s Day with FREE Personalized Engraving

In a recent email blast to its millions of subscribers, Apple promoted its newest iPad for Mother’s Day. What a great gift idea! Apple’s

Apple Gives Another Push for Their New iPad

The Apps Gadgets ETC team recently received an announcement/update on Apple’s New iPad. They reiterated the best part of owning an iPad and posted

Introducing PaperTab – The Paper-thin PC Tablet. The Future of Computers?

In today’s technology, thinner is better and PC tablets are heading in that direction. Back in May 2011, Apps Gadgets ETC reported on the

Acer to Beat Kindle’s Price with New $99 Tablet

  Acer, the PC maker known for its notebooks, desktops, ultrabooks, tablets and more is reportedly about to unveil a new tablet that will

Apps Gadgets ETC Expands Coverage into Gaming, Social Media and More!

Over the past year, Apps Gadgets ETC has been covering primarily phone apps, smartphones, tablets and accessories. After thousands of requests have poured into