APPLE iPhone 5C Accessory Surfaces in China – Budget Smartphone?

iPhone 5C Retail Accessories -

iPhone 5C Retail Accessories -

iPhone 5C Retail Accessories –

Here we go again folks…

Another image of what appears to be a new Apple iPhone called iPhone 5C accessory has surfaced in China from a site called WeiPhone. Many insiders are speculating that this image could be a link to the iPhone 5C,  a lower budget iPhone version. The C in 5C has not been verified, but some say it represents the word Color as in color varieties. We believe it’s for something else. We’ll have to wait on the official word from Apple on that one. The little white boxes with the iPhone 5C name and logo on them are believed to be the packaging materials for retail displays in the United States.

We’ll keep a watch out for further details on the next iPhone.

Are you anxious to purchase the next iPhone? Let us know.


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