About the site:

We are excited that you have taken the time and interest to learn more about our company’s values and services. Apps Gadgets ETC started as a blog in 2011 and has now expanded into a full service website to bring you news, reviews and commentaries on the high tech world of apps (phones, tablets and web), high tech gadgets of all types, games (online and console), and more. We are dedicated to helping tech companies large and small develop and reach more consumers through our news promotions and social media outreach campaigns. If you’d like to expand your coverage on the Internet we provide other services as well (see below).


Services We Provide:

News Postings:  We offer free news postings on our website to any company that submits a press release, images, video links and company links.

Social Media Marketing: For a nominal fee we will do followup social media postings and mentions to the top 10 social media sites to promote your product or service.

Website Creation: Do you need an easy functioning website for your product or service? We can design a quick and easy website through the use of WordPress or Intuit (your choice). We have a few examples to show you. Please contact us at AppsGadgetsETC@gmail.com.


About the webmaster:

The Apps Gadgets ETC site was created by Doug Kale. Doug was an editorial and marketing director of over 25 newsstand publications and websites including the popular Guide to Phone Apps magazine. He’s also the president and owner of SocialMediaTab.com, MMOHall.com, and HappytoKnow.com. If you’d like to get in touch with Doug, you can reach him at AppsGadgetsETC@gmail.com.


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